Help a blindfolded, hungry fella to find the love of his live - a hot and cheesy piece of pizza. Use the fact that love comes in all sorts of forms.

Made for the Brackeys Game Jam #2. My very first entry to a game jam.  Ran out of time to come close to a completed game but I enjoy what I was able to come up with in the jam duration.

(TIP: Try the 'S'-key)

Made withUnity
Tags2D, LÖVE


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Excellent idea, nice level design as well.

Really cute game. Love that PAC man just wants some pizza. Love the puzzle aspect of the game. Shame you could only do a few levels. Really well done though.

Very nice game! The concept is fantastic and the level difficultiy is perfect!

Great concept and executed well! Well done!

Well that's a game which fits the theme nicely.

After 2. level the game ended, because you haven't created more levels due to exams. Is that correct?

Yeah, exactly. I had planned some more interesting levels with the implemented mechanics, but I guess that was too ambitious. I hope my grades didn't already suffer too much from this jam ;)

Haha, we will see about that ;)

I will consider that in the ranking later.

This is a neat game -good job!

I really enjoy the concept and the feel! Wish you could of finished the game!

Thanks so much, unfortunately exams got in the way :(